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Facial Harmonization

Hyaluronic Acid, Botox, Vitamins

Facial Harmonization

Facial Harmonization consists of a set of aesthetic procedures, which aim to aesthetically and functionally harmonize the mouth, lips and face. 

The main reason for harmonizing is the fact that it is uncut, achieving more balanced features, reducing wrinkles and expression lines, balancing the patient's face 

What is it for?

The idea of the technique is to treat several dissatisfactions at once. Therefore, it can serve several purposes, all aesthetic. 

Dewlap reduction 

Dark circles reduction 

Reduction of wrinkles and expression marks 

Lip augmentation 

jaw definition

What applies?

Hyaluronic acid application 

Other fillers 


Botulinum toxin application 



Collagen biostimulation 

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