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ozone therapy

pain treatment

ozone therapy
Pain Treatment

Ozone therapy is a natural therapy with the aim of improving the immune system in general.  It is used very often in cases of degenerative and autoimmune diseases and in cancers . At a time when we are always under stress, ozonetherapy has revolutionized medicine in general. This therapy has been used for many decades in some countries of the world.  

Its anti-inflammatory action is noticeable from the 1st application. 

At Naturalyrio Clinic , specialized professionals use various techniques to complement the treatment.  

We have an answer for those who come to us with various pathologies such as generalized pain, musculoskeletal problems, autoimmune and degenerative diseases. 

What is ozone - ozone therapy?

Ozone gas (O3), used in Ozone Therapy , is a gaseous element that consists of a molecule with 3 oxygen atoms.  

Ozone for therapeutic purposes is easily absorbed by the human body, the extra oxygen molecule separates leaving only O2 . In this way, it allows high oxygenation and oxidation processes, helping human cells.


It also causes diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites to regress.


In medical use, Oxygen and Ozone are combined called Medical Ozone

Ozone Properties


Applying gas to the pain site will neutralize the mediators of painful sensations. 


 Ozone has a direct anti-inflammatory effect, without the side effect of corticosteroids. 


Ozone is the only medium currently known that has the ability to stimulate all the anti-oxidant enzymes responsible for the elimination of free radicals. 


Eliminates and inactivates all types of pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses. 


stimulates the immune system in immunosuppressed or autoimmune patients. 


Ozone has the ability to promote the functional recovery of numerous patients affected by degenerative pathologies. 

In conclusion, ozone increases the blood's ability to absorb and transport oxygen, improving circulatory and cellular function and promoting tissue regeneration. It is a therapy adapted to each case.


Herniated Discs 


Low back pain 

Joint Pain 

Skeletal Muscle Pain 

Tendinitis / Muscle Fibrosis 


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

Shoulder Pain (Calcifications / Tendinitis) 


Sinusitis / Rhinitis 

Neuropathic Pain (Nervous System Dysfunction) 

Strokes (Legs) 

Chronic Pain 

Cancer Pain 


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